Our Mission and The Issue


Our mission is to educate, engage, and empower teens to take the lead in the fight against a form of human trafficking called sex trafficking through peer-to-peer education, activism and social entrepreneurship.

Teen Revolt’s goal is to create chapters across the nation that can generate large-scale social impact through peer-to-peer education and fundraising. Our goal is to harness the leadership potential of teenagers across America, in order to inspire teen activism and raise awareness about the hidden danger of sex trafficking in the U.S.

  •  Peer-to-Peer Education:  Increase teen awareness about sex trafficking through school outreach. In order to take action, teenagers must be educated about the issues at hand.
  • Generate Revenue:  Drive funds. Teen Revolt Chapters will help raise money for local community human trafficking programs. Shoe Revolt will assign each chapter to a program.


Each year, an estimated 200,000 American youth, primarily girls, are at high risk to falling prey to a form of human trafficking called sex trafficking. This is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world.

What do the traffickers do?

The fact is, traffickers, known as PIMPS, have declared war on the American youth, especially at-risk youth. For pimps, teens are not human beings but a commodity.

How do pimps traffic their victims?

The pimp traffic victims by means of THREATS and FORCE, or forms of COERCION, ABDUCTION, FRAUD, DECEPTION, ABUSE of power or position, and vulnerability in order to sell the victim across state borders over and over again.

A pimp can recruit a girl in Nevada for the purpose of exploitation and then sell her in Texas. This is known as trafficking.

Pimps know that when it comes to making money, the younger their victims are, the better. They know where to find vulnerable youth- from hitting the streets to hanging out at parties, malls, school grounds, movie theaters, and even Internet chat rooms. This is why it’s important for you and your peers to learn the signs and to be on watch for peers who have few personal belongings, little control over their day-to-day schedule and signs of physical and mental abuse.

What is a ‘pimpin’ motto?

The pimp’s recruitment process is summed up in the “pimpin” motto:

“If you give a girl a little bit of heaven, you can take her all the way to hell.”

Be aware of two types pimps:

  1. The “FINESSE PIMP” uses charm and sweet talk to recruit his unsuspecting victims.
  2. The “GORILLA PIMP” uses intimidation and physical and psychological violence to gain control over his victims.

The end result, the pimps often put their victims to work in strip clubs or exotic dance clubs before introducing them to prostitution and pornography. Pimps often tell their victims that they will expose their “shameful” behavior to friends (like you) and family if the victims don’t comply with the pimp’s demands.

What is the Cycle of Victimization?

Step 1: Validation
The trafficker pretends to be the long-awaited savior with a promise of a better life to lure his or her victim in.

Step 2: Intimidation
The pimp “breaks” the victim in – using tactics like beating, starving, and raping their victims into submission.

Step 3: Control
Pimps keeps their victims close – monitor their movements, strip them of money, control their food and shelter, and set impossibly high quotas.

Step 4: Threats
Pimps brainwash their victims with threats of killing family members if the victim runs away or turns to the police. Traffickers keep their victims in constant fear which paralyzes them from attempting to run away.

Step 5: Isolation
The pimp terrorizes and isolates the victim in order to make him or her dependent and fearful of leaving.

One of the goals of the Teen Revolt Chapters is to find creative ways to educate peers about these tactics and how to be aware of the red flags to watch for that friends may be in danger. It is also important for the Teen Revolt Chapter to share ways that peers can report a suspected trafficking case by calling 911 or the National Human Trafficking Hotline, 1-888-3737-888, noting that all calls are confidential.

Teen Revolt members, their advisor, and their school administrator should have a strategy in place if they suspect that a teen is in danger.