Letter From The Founder

Welcome and thank you for visiting the Teen Revolt site.

The Teen Revolt’s mission is to educate, engage, and empower youth to take the lead in the fight against domestic sex trafficking through peer-to-peer education, activism, and social enterprise development. My main goal as Founder and Chief Educational Officer is to make sure that youth in America are aware of the various types of “pimps,” the cycle of victimization, and pimps’ variety of recruitment and control mechanisms. For pimps, teens are not human beings, but property, and are seen simply as a means to gain profit. Pimps know that when it comes to making money, the younger their victim, the better. They know what to say and where to recruit, from hitting the streets to hanging out at parties, malls, school grounds, movie theaters, or the Internet.

The Threat: “ I got to con her into thinking that Lincoln never freed the slaves.” –– Iceberg Slim, Pimp

The con is happening but not for long for there is hope. The hope is in our teens. I believe that the most powerful way to fight is through education — for a more educated youth group limits a pimp’s ability to feed modern day slavery. As you visit the site, my hope is that you will decide to join the revolt — where we believe that freedom is not an option; but a right worth fighting for. In order to successfully fight, we need people (whether you’re a advocate, school administrator, parent, or citizen) like you to spread the word about the revolt to teens.

If you are a teen, and you’re reading this, then my hope is that you will consider becoming a teen revolt ambassador by starting a chapter in your school. Together we can create long-term social impact in the fight against modern day slavery.

From the heart,



Ateba Crocker, Founder and Chief Education Officer