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Becoming a Teen Revolt Ambassador will be an extremely long but rewarding experience. Before you jump in, consider all the hard questions. Are you fully informed about the cause: a form of human trafficking called sex trafficking? If not, no worries just go here. Are you passionate about the revolt? Never mind that question, if you are taking the time to read this document, it shows your clear interest and enthusiasm. Is your plate too full? How is your course workload? Being an Ambassador will require your time and effort! If there is no conflict with your school work and you can create a healthy balance, then it’s a go.

Now that you have done some personal reflection, assessed your community needs, and are ready for some meaningful action, it’s time to get started by contacting us to request your Teen Revolt Welcome Packet. Get excited for the work you are about to do for Teen Revolt is life changing. It will truly impact the rest of your life and the lives of your peers.

STEP 2: Start a Teen Revolt Chapter at your School

1. Meet with your school administration.

Schedule a meeting with a member of the school administration (typically, the school’s student government/ASB/activities teacher or even the PTA).

2. Secure a faculty advisor.

Now that you have spoken to an administrator, look for a faculty advisor, like a teacher or counselor, who is interested in sponsoring this Teen Revolt chapter! Reiterate the purpose of the Revolt!

3. Recruit Ambassadors.

There is no chapter without members! Talk to your friends and classmates about Teen Revolt! Spread the word with posters, flyers, word-of-mouth advertisement, assemblies, and school newspapers at the beginning of the school year to create a team and to start charting out ways to educate peers about sex trafficking.

Here are some download-ables to help you promote Teen Revolt:


Rack Card


Web Banner

4. Elect Board Members.

Members who are interested in taking on a larger responsibility can run for board positions! Look for dedicated people who are ready to invest lots of time and effort! Remember to publicize the elections and broaden potential board members to more than just your immediate circle of friends!

5. Organize the first Chapter Meeting.

Coordinate with the board and advisor to effectively host your first event: Teen Revolt general meeting! Try using incentives like food to gain more guests during the first meeting! Once you have potential members at the meeting, educate them about the cause, show the video, and communicate Teen Revolt’s mission.


Member Application (for all members) signed by each member and his or her parent or guardian.

Now it’s time to officially charter your Teen Revolt Chapter! Read the Teen Revolt Manual thoroughly and follow all the instructions. Then send your membership packet to or mail to 752 N Main St #1254 Mansfield, TX 76063.


Charter Application signed by President, Vice President, Secretary, Teen Outreach Director, and Advisor

7. Support and Maintain your Teen Revolt Chapter.

Things to Remember:

1. Keep in touch with TEEN REVOLT via email at

2. Maintain consistent weekly meetings and events for members.

3. Set goals to create peer to peer awareness and to raise funds through special events.
*Please note: always get permission to post announcements about Teen Chapter events around school or through morning or afternoon announcements.

4. If possible, look for a local business sponsors to fund chapter events.

5. Get connected with Teen Revolt via Social Media.

STEP 3: Spread Awareness & Host a Fundraiser!

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